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5 ways electrical contractors can improve your working environment

Most manufacturers rely heavily on electricity to power their factories and warehouses, which is why having reliable electrical contractors to call on should be a no-brainer.

But the best electrical contractors aren’t just there to tick compliance boxes or fix things when they go wrong. A good electrical contractor should help you improve your business, reduce costs, and make more money.

Let’s take a look at five ways a specialist electrical contractor (such as AES) can help you do just that.

1. Create a more comfortable working environment

Employee comfort can have a huge impact on well-being and employee engagement. Lighting and electrical systems that have been properly designed, installed and maintained can improve employee comfort and well-being.

Lighting: a well-designed lighting system will provide optimal lighting, minimise glare and flicker, and ensure consistent lighting levels. This can improve visibility, reduce the risk of eyestrain and headaches, and improve overall mood.

Temperature control: properly installed and well-maintained temperature and humidity control can improve comfort and help reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses.
Ventilation: effective ventilation and air filtration can help reduce the level of pollutants and allergens in the air, improving employee health and well-being.

Noise reduction: if equipment is incorrectly installed or poorly maintained, you may experience buzzing, whining or excessive noise. At best, this can cause irritation and frustration. At worst, ongoing exposure to loud noise can cause ear damage or hearing loss.

2. Create a safer working environment

Safety should be a priority for any business, but it is especially important in manufacturing environments where the risk of serious accidents and injury is higher. Working with a specialist electrical contractor such as AES can help you create a safer working environment.

Test and inspect wiring and electrical installations: employers have a legal requirement to ensure electrical equipment is safe. This can be done through periodic testing and inspecting of wiring and equipment, which should be carried out every one to five years. A thorough inspection will identify any hazards or faults so they can be rectified before they cause a major problem or accident.

Ensure equipment is correctly installed: any machinery or electrical equipment should be correctly installed to minimise risk. AES are qualified to install, test and maintain equipment. Plus, we’re CompEx and PASMA accredited, meaning we can install equipment in hazardous and high areas.

Minimise risk of electrical faults: electrical faults can be hugely detrimental to businesses, causing machinery and equipment to break down. In some cases, electrical faults can lead to sparking and fire, which could cause serious damage. With a regular maintenance plan, you can minimise the risk of electrical faults by spotting potential hazards early.

Ensure compliance: employers have a responsibility to keep their working environments safe, and this includes ensuring adequate lighting, emergency lighting, fire warning systems and electrical safety. With a planned maintenance programme, you can have peace of mind you’re meeting your obligations.

Retrofit electrical systems: safety standards and regulations change – sometimes this means you need to upgrade equipment. AES can help you meet the latest safety standards by upgrading or retrofitting your electrical systems when required.

Providing regular staff training: you can create a safer working environment by ensuring the relevant employees know how to operate and maintain electrical equipment properly. Our team can support you in providing regular training.

3. Create a more productive working environment

Productivity is directly linked to profitability, so it pays to keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively.

Ensure business continuity: AES can install backup generators or battery energy storage systems (BESS) to prevent work stoppages due to power outages.

Reduce unplanned downtime: while you can never completely prevent unexpected faults, proactive maintenance can reduce the likelihood. Individual components can be inspected and serviced, keeping machinery operating efficiently and minimising machine breakdowns.

Increase machine efficiency: regular servicing and maintenance of your electrical equipment will keep it running efficiently. We can also reconfigure your electrical systems to improve overall efficiency and functionality.

Implement control and automation systems: we can design and install control and automation systems to improve machine reliability, minimise downtime, and provide a safer working environment. These can include a predictive tool to monitor equipment and predict failure so you can replace machine components before they become an issue.

4. Create a more energy-efficient working environment

At AES, we offer a range of energy reduction solutions specifically for manufacturing companies to help you meet your emissions targets.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDs): VSDs convert the incoming electrical supply into a variable frequency and voltage output, allowing motors to alter speed and torque as required.

Power factor correction (PFC): PFC reduces the amount of wasted energy by reducing the load on the electrical distribution system. Capacitors can be added to individual motors, automatically switching in or out of the circuit to counteract the inefficient negative effects.

Voltage optimisation: voltage optimisation helps manage the energy coming into your plant, allowing you to control and manage the voltage and distribute the correct amount of power to equipment as required.

Energy efficient motors: switching old inefficient motors for more modern ones can be a simple way to reduce the amount of wasted energy. Newer motors also have additional benefits, such as generating less heat and offering significantly reduced noise output.

Low-energy lighting and lighting control: upgrading to low-energy lighting will significantly reduce running costs. Movement sensors, daylight sensors, and automated lighting can further reduce energy costs by utilising lighting only when necessary.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS): energy storage systems are a great way to harvest green and off-peak energy to create your company’s micro-grid and protect against escalating energy prices and supply interruptions.

5. Create a more cost-effective working environment

Our goal is always to help manufacturers achieve a return on investment and reduce costs.

Reduce energy consumption and waste: upgrading your lighting systems and implementing energy-efficient electrical systems will reduce the amount of energy wasted or lost, lowering your consumption and reducing your costs.

Reduce maintenance costs: correctly installed equipment coupled with a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan will reduce maintenance costs by extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Reduce unplanned downtime: unplanned downtime can have huge financial implications, throwing production schedules into chaos. Regular service and maintenance of your equipment can prevent unexpected machine failure.

Automate processes: control and automation systems allow your production lines to run around the clock with minimal human input. This reduces labour costs and allows you to scale more easily to meet peak demand. Automation also allows you to minimise waste by removing the risk of human error and improving the accuracy and precision of manufacturing processes.

Improve your working environment with AES

So there you have it – five ways we can help you improve your working environment. We offer all the services you’d expect from an electrical contractor, coupled with specialist services specifically for manufacturers.

We can scale our services to meet the needs of your business, from ongoing planned maintenance and fault repair to machinery installation and factory relocation.
And we provide expert advice and recommendations on energy reduction, control and automation and safety compliance.

Book your free site survey and energy audit today. Contact our friendly team.

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