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Power & Distribution

AES assess where power is needed and calculate how the power should be distributed from the mains distribution point around the premises.  As well as considering what is currently required now, we’ll consider your future growth plans and what flexibility needs to be built into accommodating additional equipment or machinery.

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As well as considering the total power requirements around the premises, it is also worth considering the efficiency of the power used. Power Factor Correction is the lag (or ratio) between the true power (kW) that is used to do work in electrical equipment and the apparent power (kVA) that is supplied to the circuit.

By addressing the power factor correction (via a capacitor), you maximise the electrical supply to your building. You will be able to run more machines and generate higher production output levels from the same amount of electrical supply.

Alternatively, it may enable you to reduce your authorised supply capacity (the maximum power you are allowed to use at any time).

An additional natural benefit of power factor correction is that you will improve your equipment service life by reducing the heat generated within cables, switchgear, transformers and other equipment.

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How can AES help with Power and Distribution?

AES will provide a full consultation and a detailed design process at the start of any power and distribution project.  We need to understand the electrical requirements of all machines and where they physically sit. Then we can calculate the practicalities on the most effective way of distributing power.  We have provided great flexibility to clients by introducing busbar power trunking, enabling flexibility in changing production layouts.

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