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Low Energy Lighting

Saving money whilst improving working conditions.

Rapid advancements in lighting technology mean that there are now many alternative lighting products that outperform traditional lighting solutions. As well as being more energy efficient, they improve working environments by providing much brighter Lumens and greater control over colour temperature.

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Energy Reduction Consumption

Although the Government has encouraged businesses to proactively reduce their energy consumption with a series of incentivised grants and loans, many commercial, industrial, engineering and manufacturing sites still operate with outdated and inefficient lighting. This is costing them a significant amount from their bottom line every year. If you’re one of those companies, then AES can help.

Incentivised grant initiatives have been rolled out to businesses to encourage commercial organisations to collectively consider their environmental impact.

The amount of unnecessary commercial energy consumption within the UK has significantly dropped over the last 50 years due to a focus on key “quick win” areas like low energy lighting.

Energy efficient lighting utilises more advanced technologies such as LED, T5 and induction lighting. Not only do these products have a much longer life span (with a much slower Lumen depreciation), they are much more efficient in terms of Lumen per Watt. Plus, they outperform previous commonplace solutions such as incandescent, CFL and halogen bulbs. The latest products utilise an efficient electricity conversion system and reduce the amount of energy wasted on heat.

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Reduced Running Costs

An investment in low energy lighting will significantly reduce your operational running costs and deliver a positive return on investment long term.  Typically, these returns are achieved within a 3-5 year period.

Although many products are designed to work within existing fittings, there may be some instances, particularly with certain ATEX areas, where different light fittings will be required.  Any new light fitting installations from AES all come with a five-year guarantee as standard.

Presence/movement sensors, daylight sensors, and automated lighting can further reduce operational costs by utilising lighting only when necessary. We include lighting control with our initial site assessment to identify where additional energy is being wasted.

AES will always consider the total cost of converting to low-energy lighting, so we can provide an accurate calculation on expected ROI.

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Energy Reduction Services

I am very happy with the end result. AES did the lighting design and selected and made proposals for the light fittings that matched our requirements in terms of lumens levels. It was a top-class job. I’d be very happy to use AES again and certainly happy to recommend them to other customers. We look forward to doing business with them again in the future

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Improved Working Environment (Lighting Performance)

Many businesses fail to associate low energy lighting with high performance.  However, an upgrade to the latest energy efficient lighting technology can also significantly improve the working environment.

Large industrial and manufacturing sites often have very little natural light making its way onto the factory floor, meaning an upgrade in lighting can have a massive impact on the brightness of the area. This always has an immediate impact on the wellbeing and happiness of staff.

Modern energy efficient lighting is also much safer as it contains no mercury or lead, glass or filaments – which can be particularly important in certain manufacturing environments.

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Types of Low Energy Lighting

T5 Lamp

What is it?  A T5 lamp is a fluorescent-lamp that is more energy efficient and lasts longer than a traditional fluorescent-lamp (T8). The lamp is both thinner as well as shorter than the T8, and therefore contains fewer pollutants. Being a high-frequency lamp, it produces a more pleasant and steady light.

Ideal replacement for: Regular T8 fluorescent lighting of 18, 36 or 58 Watt.

Frequent switching: When a T5 lamp is switched on and off frequently, it will age more rapidly.

Instant start: At first use, T5 lamps have to burn for several hours to reach full capacity. When used in a T5 adapter or in a luminaire with an electronic ballast, they will start immediately.


What is it? A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor in which electric energy is transformed directly into light. As the lighting works without any moving parts, the lifespan is significantly longer than that of incandescent and halogen lamps, and fluorescent lighting.

Ideal replacement for:  Halogen lighting, incandescent light bulbs, spotlights such as track lights and focused lighting such as downlights. Suitable for the replacement of light sources up to 100 to 120 Watt max.

Frequent switching: The ageing of an LED is not affected by switching it on and off.

Instant start: Yes. An LED does not have to warm up and will switch on immediately.

Induction Lighting

What is it?  The electrodeless induction lamp is a special type of fluorescent lamp. Due to the absence of electrodes, which sets the lifespan of ordinary fluorescent lamps at maximally 20,000 hours, these lamps can have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. So they are ideal for locations where the cost of replacement – and maintenance – is high.

Ideal replacement for:  MHL, HPS and HPM lighting with high wattages (250 or 400 Watt). Because of their extremely long lifespan, they are especially suited for hard-to-reach places.

Frequent switching: When an induction lamp is switched on and off frequently, it will age more rapidly.

Instant start: Induction lamps burn at full capacity right away. Also, the lamps do not need to cool off before they can be switched on again.

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