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Voltage Optimisation

Experienced in multi-site voltage optimisation roll-outs.

Voltage optimisation could cut your energy consumption by up to 20%, thereby reducing your carbon emissions by 20%, increasing your maximum output by 10%, and prolonging the life and reliability of all your equipment.

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What is Voltage Optimisation and how does it work?

Voltage optimisation is standard practice on a new factory installation; however, we can also retrofit new energy reduction, voltage optimisation equipment on a commercial site of any age.  Businesses that benefit the most from this work are sites with lots of equipment within large factory environments.

Electricity suppliers in the UK are allowed to provide electricity to commercial properties at 230v, with an allowed -5/+10% tolerance. This means that the voltage input into a business can be much higher than is actually required.

All equipment is designed to run at the most efficient levels, but poor control over the incoming voltage (and tolerances) can significantly reduce efficiency. For example, a 230v filament lamp should run for 1000 hours; however, if the voltage input is 240v (still within the tolerance), it will fail after 550 hours and will have used an additional 9% energy.

Multiply the example above across every single component requiring electrical input, and you can see the impact voltage optimisation can have in reducing costs and energy consumption.

Voltage optimisation manages the voltage coming into the business through a “control valve”. This ensures the correct voltage is used for certain electrical loads and is distributed to the right devices to maximise efficiencies.

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How can AES help with the voltage optimisation process?

AES have just completed a major national contract working on Voltage Optimisation and have extensive experience in this area.  The payback period depends on the size of your site and the number of electrical devices you have, but can be as little as 12 months.  The voltage of electricity supply from the grid is much higher than required for individual commercial premises. This is because reducing the voltages at grid level would be cost-prohibitive.

AES can help commercial sites optimise their own voltage on the incoming supply to ensure production efficiencies are maximised, energy consumption is reduced, and serious cost savings are realised. The savings are maximised in industrial, engineering and manufacturing environments where there is old lighting (halogen and fluorescent) and motors or compressors with voltage-dependent performance.

We can conduct a site assessment and evaluate the potential energy reduction and cost savings that could be achieved and provide an estimated payback period for the recommended works.

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Installation of three Powerstar Max voltage optimisers: fantastic workmanship and very efficient. A pleasure to have on site, adhered to policies and procedures, communicated well, self-sufficient, courteous and informative. Maintained a clean workspace and disposed of spent materials

Richie Humphreys

Great service and a good response to the company’s requirement (often at short notice). AES provide really good communication with the Powerstar project engineers. Our customers provide good feedback on the work carried out on our Powerstar voltage optimisation products.

M Cunnington, EMSc (UK) Ltd
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