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Energy Storage

Providing eco-friendly, affordable, reliable energy

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are a great way to harvest green energy and off-peak energy to create your company’s own micro-grid which puts you in complete control, protecting against escalating energy prices and supply interruptions.

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Benefits of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Any industrial, engineering or energy heavy manufacturing plant can dramatically benefit from having a battery energy storage system on-site.  Usually housed within external shipping containers on-site, an energy storage system helps you take complete control of your power usage, reducing reliance on “authorised capacity” limitations placed by the grid.

Storage systems also work perfectly in tandem with on-site renewable energy sources such as solar and wind turbines, enabling you to store energy generated for when you need to use it most.   Such a system will also open access to grid services contracts where you can sell excess energy reserves back to the grid.

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How can AES help with Battery Energy Storage Systems?

Firstly AES can undertake a full energy reduction audit of your site and advise whether a battery energy storage system is financially viable for your site. For the vast majority of energy hungry sites it will be, due to the cost saving of using off-peak or free energy during high peak hours.

Most of our BESS systems are designed to specification and are dependant on the incoming energy sources, the power usage of the organisation and the amount of energy you want to be able to store. This will largely depend on the critical nature of your business and how important uninterrupted power supply is to you.

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