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Energy Efficient Motors

Increased efficiency and decreased energy usage.

Industrial, engineering and manufacturing businesses can realise significant gains in energy reduction by replacing old plant machinery motors with modern, energy efficient motors.  A well looked after motor can last for 50 years plus, but it is worth considering the technological strides we have made over the last few decades – in terms of electricity usage, running temperatures, minimised energy loss and expected lifetime.

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What makes a motor inefficient?

The specific energy-saving and cost-saving impact of replacing old motors with a modern energy efficient motor can vary greatly, depending on it’s age, service history, maintenance, and usage.  Efficiency is very simply the ratio of the mechanical power delivered by a motor to the electrical power supplied.  For example, an 83% efficiency ratio means that a motor is successfully converting 83% of electrical energy into mechanical energy, with 17% being lost – most commonly through heat dissipation.

Other areas which have a significant impact on efficiency in older motors are:

  • Resistance losses in windings and rotor bar
  • Magnetism losses in stator and rotor cores
  • Friction losses in bearings
  • Cooling fan inefficiencies
  • Specific materials used in the manufacture of the motor

Modern-day energy efficient motors have a significantly improved motor design, are made with high-quality materials which minimise losses, generate less heat and offer significantly reduced noise output.  It is the equivalent of comparing the latest iPhone with one of the first Nokia mobile handsets.

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How can AES help with energy efficient motors?

AES can conduct a site assessment and evaluate your motors, based on age, usage and performance. We’ll then show you where potential energy reduction and cost savings could be achieved and provide an estimated payback period for the recommended works.

If you would like to move forward with our recommendations, we’ll arrange a convenient time to carry out a site assessment.

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