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Here at AES HQ, we know how easy it is for people to get their wires crossed. Us Yorkshire folk are known for handing out down-to-earth advice – whether you ask for it or not. So send us your questions, queries and quandaries and our resident expert, Richard Dent – Estimating & Design Engineer, will do his best to answer them. Even the daft ones.




Dear Richard
What’s ‘condition monitoring’ and why should we be doing it?
-Interested from Ilkley

Well, first of all, you’ll be relieved to hear that it doesn’t mean you need to get down the gym more often.

Any company worth its salt will carry out regular routine maintenance on its machines. Condition monitoring takes this one step further. It’s all about checking over machinery at set intervals and analysing the results, measuring the data against pre-determined levels of acceptability.

The benefits? It’s non-intrusive, doesn’t interrupt production and can save costs as it flags up any issues between services. A good example of condition monitoring is using an infrared camera to measure the heat emitted by electrical systems. Too much and you risk burnt-out components and even an electrical fire.

Dear Richard
We’ve just taken on a young apprentice and most of the time I haven’t a clue what he’s talking about. Can you give me a quick guide to “youth speak”?
-Old from Oldham

The only thing worse than young people talking slang is old people trying to copy them. So forget about the bants – as soon as words like that are added to the Oxford English Dictionary you can bet that they’ll fall out of favour anyway.

In the workplace, it’s up to your apprentice to learn how to speak like an adult. If he keeps it up, just tell him: “Whoever told you to be yourself gave you bad advice.”

I’ve just moved from Sheffield to Leeds and all my new workmates keep calling me a southerner. How can I convince them I’m as Yorkshire as they come?
-Southerner from Sheffield

Just remember that lunch is dinner, dinner is tea, a cuppa is a brew, and Geoffrey Boycott is a living god, and you’ll not go far wrong.

Dear Richard
Where can I take the kids to teach them about electricity?
-Devoted Dad from Dewsbury

Having kids can be a shock to the system but there are ways to keep your bright sparks entertained and educated at the same time. A new exhibition, Electricity: The spark of life “contemplates the contradictory life-giving and death-dealing extremes generated by electricity and traces the story of how humanity has striven to understand, unlock and gain control over this invisible yet all-encompassing force”.

The exhibition runs from 23 February to 25 June at the Wellcome Collection near Euston in London. If you’re not a fan of the big smoke, it will be touring to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester later in the year.

Dear Richard
Favourite lightbulb joke?
-Comic from Cleckheaton

Q. How many teenagers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. Two: one to change the lightbulb and one to hold the selfie stick.

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