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Lees Soapbox – Improving the Industry

  Last week I was asked what changes I think are needed to our industry to make it better, I thought it was a very good question seeing as I’m always complaining about the shortcomings of the electrical industry. Before I say how I believe it could be better, I think it’s important to explain […]

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Lees Soapbox – Qualified for the job

Most companies in our industry call themselves electrical engineers and contractors, us included. But have you ever thought what the difference is between engineering and contracting? Well, probably the easiest way to describe it is that an engineer will design a system and a contracting company will install it. This is, however, where the lines […]

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Jargon Busted – Asbestos

The electrical world can be confusing and we’ve all come across some terms that don’t make much sense. That’s why in each issue of Wired we unravel a piece of industry gobbledygook and tell you what it means – In plain old English. If you own or run a building, the last thing you want […]

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Get the facts – Using electricity outside

Flashing fairy lights, nodding Rudolphs and dancing Santas – a favourite local news story at this time of year is the over-the-top neighbour who has filled their garden and covered their house with Christmas lights and decorations. If you’re unlucky you might live next door to one – or perhaps you’re one yourself… While some […]

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Nothing lasts forever

Lee Johnson, Managing Director of Advanced Electrical Services explains… Apparently 80% of all new businesses go bust within two years, and the electrical industry has certainly had its fair share of failing businesses over the last five or so years. Not only have new companies struggled over recent years, large established contractors have too: in […]

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