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What happened to all the doom and gloom?

Lee Johnson, Managing Director of Advanced Electrical Services explains… You could tell that there was an election coming: when I turned on the TV, I was no longer faced with doom and gloom stories about companies going bust, increasing unemployment and the number of high street shops closing their doors for the final time. No, […]

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Energy saving grants and initiatives

With saving energy firmly on the political agenda, it’s worth checking out the grants and other opportunities available to businesses. If you’re thinking: “I’m much too busy to start doing that”, then consider this: would you say you were too busy to pick up a £50 note lying on the street? Many of these grants […]

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60 second interview with… Ben Parkinson

Job title: Apprentice Joined: January 2014 Your background? I spent 18 months at Wakefield College, at the Castleford Campus, to pass my City & Guilds electrical qualification – at the same time I had a part-time job in a nightclub to help me pay for running my car. Role at AES: As an apprentice, I’m […]

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Funding and grants

The importance of identifying and implementing energy reduction opportunities has recently become more pressing for large businesses because of the recent introduction of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Essentially, this requires large organisations to undertake comprehensive assessments of their energy use – and the energy efficiency opportunities open to them – at least once […]

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Agony Santa Unplugged

Here at AES HQ, we know how easy it is for people to get their wires crossed. Us Yorkshire folk are known for handing out down-to-earth advice – whether you ask for it or not. So send us your questions, queries and quandaries and our resident expert, Richard Dent – Estimating & Design Engineer, will […]

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Get the facts – Using electricity outside

Flashing fairy lights, nodding Rudolphs and dancing Santas – a favourite local news story at this time of year is the over-the-top neighbour who has filled their garden and covered their house with Christmas lights and decorations. If you’re unlucky you might live next door to one – or perhaps you’re one yourself… While some […]

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Team member profile – Debbie Foster

In every company there has to be someone taking care of the purse strings and at AES the responsible person is Accounts Administrator Debbie Foster. Her day-to-day tasks may be very different from the electrical engineers she works with, but her office-based role is vital to ensure the smooth running of the business. “My work […]

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Get the Facts – The importance of planning work and producing drawings

Hands up those of you who like spending more than you need to on electrical services? Thought so. Yet time and time again, the AES team sees examples of how bad planning and a lack of drawings end up causing clients unnecessary costs.Have you co-ordinated your services? One of the key causes is failing to […]

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Hold on to your horses!

After the success of last year’s team- building day at York Racecourse, we decided to make it an annual fixture. So this August we took a day out of the office, met up for breakfast at our local pub and then headed off to Doncaster by coach for a day at the races. Despite the […]

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Paid to go green?

As our regular readers know, we love to tell you about the very latest ways you can dramatically reduce your energy usage, lower your carbon footprint and ultimately save you a small fortune. The problem facing many companies, though, is that while the savings to be made can be very attractive, there is still an […]

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