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Lee’s Soapbox – Skills… what skills?

Lee Johnson, Managing Director of Advanced Electrical Services explains… It’s that time of year again when we start looking for a new apprentice; we try to employ a new one every year or two. As our existing customers know, the majority of staff in the company have come through our in-house apprenticeship scheme, myself included. […]

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Government’s ‘trailblazer’ scheme

Lee Johnson, Managing Director of Advanced Electrical Services explains… In last April’s Soap Box I got on my high horse about the proposed changes to apprenticeships. What particularly got up my nose was the government’s new ‘trailblazer’ scheme and the companies who were shamelessly using it for free advertising and chest beating to tell all […]

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Profile – Peter Parker

One of the most recent recruits to AES, Peter Parker joined the company in July 2014 as Operations Manager. As any company grows and flourishes, it’s important to get the right staff in place to help with the day-to-day organisation of work – and that’s just what you’ll find in Peter Parker’s job description. “My […]

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60 second interview with… Ben Parkinson

Job title: Apprentice Joined: January 2014 Your background? I spent 18 months at Wakefield College, at the Castleford Campus, to pass my City & Guilds electrical qualification – at the same time I had a part-time job in a nightclub to help me pay for running my car. Role at AES: As an apprentice, I’m […]

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Team member profile: Liam Wheeler

Training up new apprentices is vital to the future success of the company, which is one of the reasons that Liam Wheeler was taken on at AES in November 2013. Now more than half way through the first year of his four-year apprenticeship, he has alternated two three-week blocks and two two-week blocks studying at […]

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60 second interview with Mark Lee

Job title: Senior Electrician 
Joined: I started in 1984, so this year is my 30th with AES. Your background? I left school and became an apprentice for another electrical company before joining AES as a qualified electrician Role at AES: Mostly the installation of new systems in factories, shops, new builds, hospitals etc. I’ve even […]

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Look out for the ‘Trailblazers’

Lee Johnson, Managing Director of Advanced Electrical Services explains…   One definition of a trailblazer according to one well-known website is ‘a leader or pioneer in a particular field’ so you can imagine my surprise to learn that ‘Guidance for Trailblazers’ is the name of the latest government initiative aimed at improving apprenticeships in England. […]

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Latest news

New recruits   Paul Wright – Electrician An apprentice trained electrician with extensive industrial and commercial experience, Paul is 25 and from Barnsley, the addition of Paul to the team is due to the increased level of contracts recently awarded.   Ben Parkinson – Apprentice With a lot of competition for an apprenticeship at
Advanced Electrical,
we […]

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Bright Spark – Electrical maintenance tips

Electrical maintenance tips We’ve all heard the addage, ‘If it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But when it comes to electrical systems, a lack of moving parts doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong – and leaving well alone can simply store up problems for the future. By having a programme of planned preventative maintenance […]

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Taking matters into our own hands

Lee Johnson, Managing Director of Advanced Electrical Services explains… Those of you who know me know that I have a thing about standards in our industry. Specifically, the constant moving of the goalposts when it comes to training and qualifications has resulted in confusion as to who is deemed to be a qualified electrician. This […]

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