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Braking time was successfully reduced from over 4 minutes to 12 seconds

PB-before-1John at B.V Diamond was asked by one of his clients if he could provide a solution to improve the safety of their 50 Horse Power Grinder. The grinder is used to shape blocks which form the inside glass furnaces and are shipped all over the world.

After pressing the stop button of the grinder, the grinder blade continued turning for over 4 minutes due to the kinetic energy remaining within the blade and therefore the danger of injury also remaining. The client had identified this potential hazard during a Risk Assessment of the machine and wanted to reduce the risk of harm to their operatives and increase the functional safety of the machine.

John approached AES for help.

The Client

BV Diamond are a key supplier to all of the main stone cutting quarries and yards throughout the UK supplying various stone cutting tools such as diamond wire, diamond saw blades (circular and frame), masonry tools and core drills. We also offer a full on-site retipping and blade tensioning service anywhere in the UK.

The Project

Retrofit a D.C. Braking Unit to the existing star delta starter of the 50HP Grinder.

A bespoke control panel was designed and built after a site survey.

This panel contains the electrical components required to provide the D.C. Braking to the motor once a stop comment has be initiated. All relevant interlocks and signalling are also contained within this control panel. Panel lamps provide the operator an indication of the status of the braking stage.


The retrofitting of the bespoke control panel ensured that the most cost effective and practical solution was found for the client’s problem.

It meant that only the power and control wiring within the control panel was modified, without the need to replace large and costly field power cables.

The braking time of the machine was successfully reduced from over 4 minutes to 12 seconds ensuring that the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) were met.

Documentation, testing and certification were issued upon completion.

Videos of the Pre and Post Installation operations are available.

B.V. Diamond has also installed guarding to limit the exposure to the grinder cutting surface, reducing the risk of injury even further.

A proposal has also been made to further increase the functional safety of the machine by the use of solenoid interlocked safety gates to prevent an operator access to the area of danger while the grinder is in operation, access will only be granted once the cutting blade has completely stopped.

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