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Here at AES HQ, we know how easy it is for people to get their wires crossed. Us Yorkshire folk are known for handing out down-to-earth advice – whether you ask for it or not. So send us your questions, queries and quandaries and our resident expert, Richard Dent – Estimating & Design Engineer, will do his best to answer them. Even the daft ones.

Dear Richard

We’re building a big bonfire for 5 November – what’s the best way to light it?

Pyro from Pontefract

There’s no shame in asking for help to light your bonfire. Even the late, great Doors frontman Jim Morrison famously sang “Come on baby, light my fire”, which suggests he would be a poor guest at a barbecue.

As every Bruce Springsteen fan knows, you can’t start a fire without a spark. If The Boss is busy elsewhere, you could use a gas lighter, a long fireside match or a lit roll of paper.

Make sure that you don’t allow people, especially children, too close to the fire, and don’t build it next to overhanging trees or a wooden fence, or allow smoke to drift across a road where it might become a danger to traffic. Finally, avoid throwing petrol or diesel on your fire unless you want to risk taking leave of your eyebrows as well as your common sense.


Dear Richard

I’ve just moved up to Yorkshire from London and overheard someone talking about the Northern Lights. Does the north have a different lighting system to the south?

Confused from Chelsea

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not grim up north, only a few people keep ferrets and the flat cap isn’t obligatory head gear. Between you and me, these are all just things we tell southerners so that we can keep God’s Own Country to ourselves.

Created when electrically charged particles from the sun collide with gases in the atmosphere, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is most definitely nature’s best light show.

And the best part is, it doesn’t cost a penny, which is music to the ears of Yorkshire folk.


Dear Richard

We’re having our home rewired soon – any suggestions of where to take the kids to keep them out of the way?

Devoted Dad from Doncaster

Keeping your little live wires out of the way of real live wires is definitely the best option.

For an electrifying day out, why not take them to The Deep ( in Hull. It’s open every day and has a glass tunnel where you can get up close and personal with all manner of marine life, from sharks to rays. They will also enjoy seeing divers hand feed the animals and meet the latest VIPs – Very Important Penguins – a new colony of Gentoo penguins.


Dear Richard

Recently I’ve been watching more nature documentaries than usual, last week I bought the Best 80s Rock Album Ever and the other day I found myself lingering over the cagoule display at the local outdoor shop. Do you think I might be suffering from middle age?

Past It from Pontefract

Well tighten the drawstring waist and pull up the non-iron slacks, looks like you’re well and truly heading for a world of comfortable clothing, sensible shoes and easy listening.

Even the best of us has to succumb to middle age at some point and my advice is to wake up and smell the cocoa. Otherwise you may find yourself swapping your people carrier for a sports car, wearing skinny jeans and growing facial hair in inadvisable places – and no one wants to see that.


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